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In an effort to keep property owners informed of redevelopment and transportation projects in Missouri, we have developed a list of projects to track information. Simply select the project from the appropriate Project Area to find information and subscribe to future updates. If a project is not listed, contact us.

Missourians discuss Mark Twain Transmission Project

Ameren Transmission Company of Illinois plans to build a 345 kv electric transmission line from Palmyra to the Iowa border in northeast Missouri, and a new substation in Kirksville.  There will be a slight increase in rates for Ameren customers, but Ameren claims that benefits will be construction jobs, access by local residents to athe grid, and increase in grid security.  The counties that the line may go through are Adair, Knox, Lewis, Macon, Marion, Schuyler, and Shelby.

Wind Production Tax Credit Not Renewed for 2014

The federal wind production tax credit had spurred the growth of more than 12,000 megawatts of new wind power in 2012.  However, the lack of the tax credit in 2014 has stalled the industry.  This year, a coalition of Republicans and conservative Democrats, many backed by the fossil fuel industry, prevented the renewal of the wind energy tax credit.  The wind industry counters that the cost of wind energy production is all up front.  To build and install a wind turbine can be as much as $4 million each, and also requires transmission lines, utility poles, and transformers to bring the power to market, but once the investment is made, there are no more costs associated with getting the wind to market.  To read more, see .

Road Taxes Are Rising Across the US

Missouri voters rejected a proposed tax increase to fund road buildings and repairs on the August 5, 2014, election, but Missouri as well as states throughout the U.S. are facing the challenge of how to maintain and upgrade their road infrastructure in the face of congressional stalemate of the federal Highway Trust Fund. 

St. Louis County Calls for Blighting Jamestown Mall

St. Louis County Executive Charlie Dooley recommended blighting Jamestown Mall in Florissant to enable the vacant mall site to become redeveloped as mixed use.  Proposed new uses would be housing offices, and retail buildings.  For more information, see story at

St. Charles County: City of St. Charles - Fifth Street Gateway Project

The City of St. Charles is widening and improving Fifth Street, adding an arch and planted sidewalks, and medians. The project will improve safety for vehicles and pedestrians, and will improve aesthetics of Fifth Street from I-70 to Washington Street. For more information see:

St. Louis County - I-270 Study - North St. Louis County

MoDOT is in the final months of conducting a study on improving I-270 North from the intersection of I-70 and the Chain of Rock Bridge, which is a about 15 miles in length and encompasses approximately 16 interchanges. The entrance and exit ramps at Dunn Road, that require crossing oncoming traffic, are also being studied. For more information, see

Health Reports Find Increased Cancer from Living Near Electric Transmission Lines

Recent health reports find that exposure to ELF's ("Extremely Low Frequency") and EMF's ("Electro-motive Force") can lead to increased cancer rates, especially in children.  These findings are being reviewed by persons in the pathway of the Grain Belt Express Clean Line, a proposed direct current transmission line project from wind energy.  Read more at

Greene County and Webster County: New Road Connecting Highway B and Greene County Farm Road 253

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) recently announced a new project in Rogersville, Missouri. The new road would connect Highway B with Greene County Farm Road 253 on the west side of Rogersville, and would encompass properties in both Greene County and Webster County. The project includes building a railroad overpass for Farm Road 253, and improving two other railroad crossings. The project is a cooperative partnership between City of Rogersville, Burlington Northern-Santa Fe Railroad and the Missouri Department of Transportation.

Randolph County Commissioners Sign Resolution Supporting Grain Belt Express

The County Commissioners of Randolph County, Missouri, have signed a resolution expressing their support for the Grain Belt Express electric transmission line.  Read the resolution and more about the Grain Belt Express here:

East Locust Creek Reservoir Project Moving Forward

The East Locust Creek Reservoir project in north central Missouri near Milan, in Sullivan County, is moving forward.  According to a news story, 79% of the land needed for acquisition has been purchased.  Read more at: